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A lot can happen in a second, and photography catches it all.

Here in NC we have always had versatile weather, and this year is no different, except for the increase in snow... well, for us, snow. Our weather is such that in 24 hours, a backyard adventure can be of spring and Winter.  February 2014



Meet Trouble, Feb 2014

Trouble gets her name honestly. One cool, beautiful morning I was drinking coffee on my patio, with my feet propped up, snapping photos of mocking birds.  When all of a sudden our dog, Mac, takes off after a stray cat I named Sparta. Mac is a lover not a fighter, but Sparta doesn't agree. Sparta jumped over a large wooden fence but her kitten, Trouble, became stuck in the fence. In looking to see what Mac was so curious about, I found Trouble stuck. When I tried to free Trouble she latched onto my finger and would not let go. In pain I decided to keep her latched and hold her, so I would not have to get rabies shots. Bleeding, in pain, and high on adrenaline I grabbed my phone to call my doctor..... but instead my iPhone falls to the patio and shatters instantly.  Finally making it to the doctor, I am allowed to keep watch of Trouble while quarantined in a cage in our garage. Well, this quarantine went from a cage to our bathroom and then our heart. Trouble is now a member of our family, and earns her name everyday.

Man's Best Friend

Sweet Mac.