About - MiaBellaExpressions

Hi, I'm Maria.

My specialty is capturing your memories.

What makes me different? Special from other photographers? In addition to being a photographer, I am also an Anthropologist and Sociologist; a trained behaviorist, qualitative researcher. My combined skills give me an intuitive edge to know when and where to capture the best moments in your session or event. 

I have always been known for my creative nature and artistic eye. Since I was a little girl I have been dreaming and creating ideas, designs, drawings, photography, and paintings. For some time I painted pets, and murals.  Yet, longed to do more with photography.

In seeing how much I loved photography, and admiring my eye for photography, my husband advocated taking my passion to a deeper level, and I have not turned back since.

What  I love most about photography is how one photograph stops time, captures a moment the eye could never see in real time - whether it's  the fluttering of wings, crashing of waves, laughter of a child, or your special memories; I love it all.

My specialty is candid photography, as a photojournalist photographer I capture real expressions and personality.

Although my homestead is in the Capital of North Carolina, the Raleigh area, I am happy to travel to your location.